Friday, September 30, 2016

Steve Coleman Group ‎– Motherland Pulse (1985) {LP - JMT Productions ‎– JMT 850001}

Alto Saxophone – Steve Coleman
Bass – Lonnie Plaxico
Drums, Percussion – Marvin "Smitty" Smith (tracks: A1 to A4, B2 to B4)
Piano – Geri Allen
Trumpet – Graham Haynes (tracks: A1, B1)
Vocals – Cassandra Wilson ( track B1)

Side A:
A1. Irate Blues   4:20
A2. Another Level 5:44
A3. Cüd Ba-Rith   4:59
A4. Wights Waits For Weights 5:10

Side B:
B1. No Good Time Fairies  5:44
B2. On This   5:08
B3. The Glide Was In The Ride  3:59
B4. Motherland Pulse 5:10

Recorded March 1985 at ERAS Studio, New York City.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gary Burton & Stephane Grappelli - Paris Encounter (1969) {LP - Atlantic}

Gary Burton: vibraharp;
Stephane Grappelli: violin;
Steve Swallow: electric bass;
Bill Goodwin: drums.

Side 1:
A1. Daphne  (4:07)
A2. Blue In Green  (3:40)
A3. Falling Grace  (3:12)
A4. Here's That Rainy Day  (5:29)

Side 2:
B1. Coquette  (3:41)
B2. Sweet Rain  (3:42)
B3. The Night Has Thousand Eyes  (3:27)
B4. Arpege  (3:20)
B5. Eiderdown  (4:10)

Recorded 1969 at Studios Europe Sonor, Paris.

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Requests & Contributions Forum #33: August (part 2) 2016

Here's your place to post your request and contributions.

Shares are more than welcome.

R&C Guidelines by Aclev:

This part of the site has become quite popular and active, and we certainly thank all of you for participating.  Like any other active forum a few guidelines will ensure everyone has a positive experience here. We're not trying to impose a bunch of rules, but a little common sense should prevail.
1. Do not make anonymous requests. (If you can't figure out how to put your name on your comment, just indicate it at the end of the comment itself. It doesn't have to be your real life name, a nick will do fine.)
2. Please don't post a laundry list of 25 requests at once. Even if you're active in sharing with the forum, that gets to be a bit much.
3. Be specific. Some of the artists we deal with have vast discographies. A request that reads "Any Miles Davis? Thanks!" is not the way to go.
4. Please don't request things that are already available elsewhere on the internet.  That means you have checked Munju and Google first.
1. Please don't share brand new releases here. There are plenty of horrid sites out there like IsraBox and Plixid that are doing that. Contrary to what the occasional troll may say, we're not here to rip anyone off.
2. Bitrate snobbery. This can be tricky, so here's the deal.  Many of the releases we deal with are quite obscure, and some haven't been seen on the internet for years. It wasn't that long ago that 256 was state of the art, and 192 and 128 were the norm. Sometimes the only rips out there of that rare disc may be at a lower bitrate.  If you have an upgrade, then by all means offer it, but don't grumble about someone's share. A lower bitrate rip may be better than nothing at all.
Again, we're not trying to get rule happy, just trying to make everyone's experience here (yours and ours) a little smoother. That said, back to shares and requests...

1. If you can't find what you're looking for, click "Load More" located at the bottom of the comments page. You may need to do this several times, when "Load More" is no longer shown you'll be seeing all the comments.
2. If you have a request for links re-up that you've seen in previous forum, please post your request in the current forum and not at the original one otherwise the chances that people will see your requests are slim.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Links' Re Up...

If you have any requests for new links for old posts with dead links, please leave a comment here or at the original post and will try to oblige.

Note: Requests by Anonymous will be ignored!

Following  is a list of posts re_ups:

Tom Varner - Covert Action (1987)

Scott Miller_Joe Fonda - Bottoms Out (1993-4-5)

Conference Call - Spirals- The Berlin Concert

Prince Lasha - Inside Story + Search For Tommorow

Anthony Davis ‎– Past Lives (1978)

Curtis Clark - Phantasmagoria (1984)

Curtis Clark - Amsterdam Sunshine (1984)

One World Ensemble - Breathing Together (1995)

Rob Reddy - Post-War Euphoria

Ok Nok Kongo - Ok Nok Kongo + 3 Jokers

The Fringe - It's Time For The Fringe

James Newton – Romance And Revolution

Jemeel Moondoc - Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys

Vinny Golia Quintet - Dante No Longer Repents

Rob Brown - Visage (1998)

Guido Manusardi - Colored Passages

The Fringe - Live In Israel

Last Of The Hipmen { David Murray, Hugh Ragin, Dave Burrell } (1989, Jazzline)

John Tchicai with Rent Romus - Adapt...or Die

Dreamtime - Zen Fish (1998)

Eric Watson, Steve Lacy, John Lindberg - The Amiens Concert (1987)

James Newton Trio & Quartet - Binu (1977)

Gebhard Ullmann - Basement Research (1993)

Gebhard Ullmann - Kreuzberg Park East (1997)

Giorgio Gaslini - Multipli (1987)

Geri Allen - Eyes...In The Back Of Your Head (1997)

The Joe Fonda-Michael Jefrey Stevens Quintet - Parallel Lines (1996)

Joel Futterman-Kidd Jordan - Revelation

Joel Futterman-Kidd Jordan Trio - Southern Extreme

Chet Baker - Burnin' At Backstreet (1980)

Michael Moore - Tunes for Horn Guys (1995)

Bunky Green - Another Place (2004)

Don Byron - Ivey-Divey (2004)

James Blood Ulmer - Are You Glad To Be In America

Myra Melford - Above Blue (1999)

Rudresh Mahanthappa - Mother Tongue (2004)

Rathban Andrew - Sculptures (2001)

Nicolas Simion Trio - Back To The Roots (1997)

Bennie Wallace - Mystic Bridge (1982)

Arigret - Se una Notte d'Inverno un Viaggiatore

Gunther Klatt & Aki Takase - Play Ballads of Duke Ellington

Pino Minafra Sud Ensemble - Sudori

Ray Drummond - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 (1997)

Glenn Horiuchi - Calling is it and Now (1993)

Fred Anderson - The Milwaukee Tapes Vol. I (1980)

Fred Anderson & DVK Trio (1996)

Fred Anderson - The Missing Link

Woody Shaw - Bemsha Swing

Brooks III Cecil - The Collective (1989)

Misha Mengelberg - Two Days In Chicago (1998)

The New Wave in Jazz (1965)

Mal Waldron - One Entrance, Many Exits (1982)

Dennis Gonzalez New Dallasangeles - The Desert Wind

Norris Walter - Sunburst (1991)

Jon Ballantyne Trio feat. Joe Henderson - Skydance (1988)

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Three Gentleman From Chicago (1981)

Corea Chick - Live In Montreux (1981)

Brecker Randy - In The Idiom (1986)

Michael Moore Trio - Chicoutimi (1993)

ICP Orchestra - Performs Nichols & Monk (80's)

Sphere - Flight Path (1983)

Sphere - Four In One (1982)

Ralph Peterson - Presents The Fo'tet (1989)

Geri Allen - Live At The Village Vanguard (1990)

John Law Quartet - Exploded On Impact (1992)

Khan Jamal - Dark Warrior (1984)

Dewey Redman & Ed Blackwell - Red & Black in Willisau (1980)

Joe Farrell - Someday (1982)

David Fathead Newman- Heads Up (1986)

David Fathead Newman - Resurgence (1980)

Buell Neidlinger with Marty Krystall & Hugh Schick - Blue Chopsticks

The Marty Krystall Spatial Quatet - Seeing Unknown Colors

Ed Schuller - The Force (1996)

Peter Herborn - Large One (1997)

Franco Ambrosetti - Tentets (1985)

Randy Weston Sextet - Monterey' 66

Sonny Criss - Saturday Morning (1975)

Gordon Frank - Clarion Echoes (1985)

Chico Freeman with Jazz On Line - In The Moment (1992)

Steve Lacy & Rosewell Rudd Quaret - Schools Days

Roswell Rudd Trio - The Unheard Herbie Nichols Vol.1

Roswell Rudd Trio - The Unheard Herbie Nichols Vol.2

Roswell Rud, Steve Lacy - Regeneration

Julius Hemphill Big Band - Julius Hemphill Big Band

Lucky Thompson - I Offer You (1973)

Bright Moments - The Return Of The Lost Tribe (1997)

Jackie Mclean & Michael Carvin - Antiquity (1974)

Carlo Actis Dato Quartet - Bagdad Boogie

Carlo Actis Dato Quartet - Ankara Twist

Joseph Jarman - Inheritance

Jang Jon - Two Flowers On A Stem (1995)

Jon Jang Octet - Island, The Immigrant Suite No. 1

James Newton - Paseo Del Mar

Arthur Blythe - Basic Blythe

Sonny Simmons - Burning Spirits (1970)

Cecilia Coleman Big Band - Oh Boy!

Cecilia Coleman Big Band - Who Am I

Toshiko Mariano Quartet - Live At Birdland (1961)

Toshiko-Mariano Quartet (1960)

Charles Tyler Ensemble Plays Monk - Live at Sweet Basil Vols. 1 & 2

Roy Campbell - Akhenaten Suite (2007)

John Lindberg - Trilogy of Works for Eleven Instrumentalists (1984)

Clusone 3 - Rava Avis

Michael Blake - Elevated (2000)

John Hart - Trust (1992)

Oliver Lake Quartet - Clevont Fitzhubert (1981)

Oliver Lake - Edge-ing (1994)

Dennis Gonzalez - Idle Wild (2004)

Arthur Blythe - Calling Card (1993)

Arthur Blythe Trio - Spirits In The Field (1999)

Prince Lasha & Odean Pope Trio - The Mystery of Prince Lasha

Alan Shorter - Orgasm (1968)

Sonny Criss Orchestra - Sonny's Dream (1968)

James Newton - Portraits (1982)

Oliver Lake Quintet - Prophet (1980)

Fred Hess - Sweet Thunder

Fred Hess - Ninth Street Park

Fred Hess - Between the Lines

James Emery - Luminous Cycles

Joe Fonda's Bottoms Out - Loaded Basses

Hugh Ragin Trumpet Ensemble – Fanfare & Fiesta

Curtis Clark Quintet – Letter To South Africa

AALY Trio & Ken Vandermark: ...4 Albums...

Charlie Kohlhase Quintet - Dart Night

Dead Cat Bounce - Legends of the Nar

Anthony Braxton - Willisau (Quartet) 1991 ~ Studio

Andy Laster  - Window Silver Bright (2002)

Oliver Lake - Virtual Reality (Total Escapism) (1992)

Richard Grossman - Trio In Real Time (1990)

Walt Dickerson Trio - Serendipity (1976)

New Horizons Ensemble - Chicago Now Vol.1

New Horizons Ensemble - Chicago Now Vol.2

Ernest Dawkins New Horizons Ensemble - South Side Street Song

Ernest Dawkins' New Horizon Ensemble - Mother's Blue Velvet Shoe

Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble - Jo'burg Jump

New Horizons Ensemble - After The Dawn Has Risen

Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble - The Messenger

New Horizons Ensemble - Cape Town Shuffle

John Handy - Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival 1965

George Garzone - Four's And Two's (1996)

VA - Amarcord Nino Rota (1981)

Ahmed Abdullah and The Solomonic Quintet (1987)

Actis furioso - Avanti popolo!(2004)

Oliver Lake - Shine (1979)

Michael Gregory Jackson - Clarity (1977)

Julius Hemphill - Reflections (1972, 1975)

Marvin Hannibal Peterson - Tribute (1979)

Hannibal Marvin Peterson - Crossing



Tuesday, August 16, 2016

This Is The Afro - Semitic Experience (2001)

Will Bartlett Clarinet,  Piccolo, Sax (Tenor)
Warren Byrd Piano, Primary Artist
David Chevan Arranger, Bass, Composer,
Stacy Phillips  Guitar (Resonator), Lap Steel Guitar, Violin
Alvin Carter, Jr.  Drums and percussion
Baba David Coleman - Percussion
Richard A. McGhee III  Alto and soprano      Tenor
Ben Proctor    Trumpet

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Johnny Griffin - Call It Whachawana (1983) {LP - Galaxy}

Tenor Saxophone – Johnny Griffin
Piano – Mulgrew Miller
Bass – Curtis Lundy
Drums – Kenny Washington.

Side A:
A1. I Mean You 8:43
A2. Lover Man 11:32

Side B:
B1. Call It Whachawana 6:35
B2. A Waltz With Sweetie 6:38
B3. Jabbo's Revenge 7:49.

Recorded (July 25-26, 1983), mixed, and mastered at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, Ca.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Larry Willis - Sanctuary (2002)

Larry Willis: Piano;
Joe Ford: Saxes;
Ray Codrington: Trumpet;
Steve Novosel: Bass;
Steve Berrios: Drums;
Artie Sherman: Vocals;
The Rick Schmidt Strings.

1. The Maji;
2. Sanctuary;
3. Good Friday;
4. Brother Ed;
5. A Balm In Gilead;
6. Thank you, lord;
7. Were You There?;
8. Fallen Hero.

Recorded at The Piano Company, Leesburg, Virginia on January 29, 2002 and on September 24, 2002.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Clifford Jordan - The Adventurer (1978) {LP - Muse Records MR 5136}

Side A:
A1. Quasimodo 7:07
A2. No More 4:45
A3. He's A Hero 5:15

Side B:
B1. Blues For Muse 5:05
B2. Adventurer 6:45
B3. I'll Be Around 5:56

Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute – Clifford Jordan
Bass – Bill Lee
Drums – Grady Tate
Piano – Tommy Flanagan.

Recorded at CI Recording, February 9, 1978.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Klaus König - The H.E.A.R.T Project (1997)

Claudius Valk (saxophone, flute)
Klaus Konig (trombone),
Markus Wienstroer (guitar),
Claus Stotter (flugelhorn),
Frank Gratkowski (clarinet, tenor),
Thomas Alkier (drums),
Dieter Manderscheid (double bass),
Werner Neumann (guitar),

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Howland Ensemble - Reiko (1995)

01. Retroflexion  
02. Dad's Waltz  
03. Los Badiodos Yanquis  
04. Reiko  
05. Edward's Modules  
06. Liquid Light  
07. Saint-Michel  
08. Notre-Dame  
09. Second Chance  
10. Brute Swaim!
11. Thelonious

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016