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Requests & Contributions Forum #44 January (Part 2) 2017

Here's your place to post your request and contributions.

Shares are more than welcome.

For those of you who are not familiar with this forum rules please read the following guidelines.

R&C Guidelines by Aclev:

This part of the site has become quite popular and active, and we certainly thank all of you for participating.  Like any other active forum a few guidelines will ensure everyone has a positive experience here. We're not trying to impose a bunch of rules, but a little common sense should prevail.
1. Do not post anonymous comments. (Use the "Name" option instead of the "Anonymous" one. It doesn't have to be your real life name, a nick will do fine.)
2. Please don't post a laundry list of 25 requests at once. Even if you're active in sharing with the forum, that gets to be a bit much.
3. Be specific. Some of the artists we deal with have vast discographies. A request that reads "Any Miles Davis? Thanks!" is not the way to go.
4. Please don't request things that are already available elsewhere on the internet.  That means you have checked Munju and Google first.
1. Please don't share brand new releases here. There are plenty of horrid sites out there like IsraBox and Plixid that are doing that. Contrary to what the occasional troll may say, we're not here to rip anyone off.
2. Bitrate snobbery. This can be tricky, so here's the deal.  Many of the releases we deal with are quite obscure, and some haven't been seen on the internet for years. It wasn't that long ago that 256 was state of the art, and 192 and 128 were the norm. Sometimes the only rips out there of that rare disc may be at a lower bitrate.  If you have an upgrade, then by all means offer it, but don't grumble about someone's share. A lower bitrate rip may be better than nothing at all.
Again, we're not trying to get rule happy, just trying to make everyone's experience here (yours and ours) a little smoother. That said, back to shares and requests..

1. Prior to making a request, please check first the "Blog Archive: Musicians List" .
2. If you have a request for links re-up that you've seen in previous forum, please post your request in the current forum and not at the original one otherwise the chances that people will see your requests are slim.
3. If you can't find what you're looking for, click "Load More" located at the bottom of the comments page. You may need to do this several times, when "Load More" is no longer shown you'll be seeing all the comments.

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Links' Re Up...

If you have any requests for new links for old posts with dead links, please leave a comment here or at the original post and will try to oblige.

Note: Anonymous' Requests will be ignored!

Following  the latest list of posts re_up:

Misha Mengelberg Kwartet - Driekusman Total Loss (1964-66)

The Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Country Preacher (1969)

Rashied Ali-Louie Belogenis-Wilber Morris - Live at Tonic (2001)

Miles Okazaki - Mirror (2007)

The Respect Sextet - The Full Respect

The Respect Sextet - Respect in You

Kim Richmond - Looking In Looking Out

Betty Carter - The Audience With Betty Carter

Dave Douglas - In Our Lifetime (1995)

Marty Ehrlich Quartet - The Traveller's Tale (1989)

The American Jazz Quintet - From Bad To Badder

George Cables - Phantom Of The City (1985)

Ray Anderson, Mark Helias, Gerry Hemingway - Oahspe (1978)

Joe Bonner Quartet - Suite For Chocolate (1985)

John Tchicai & Archie Shepp - Rufus (1963)

Dollar Brand - Live At Montreux (1980)

Jane Ira Bloom - Modern Drama

Herbert Peter - B-A-C-H A Chromatic Universe (2001)

Marion Brown - November Cotton Flower (1979)

Betty Carter - Feed The Fire (1993)

Archie Shepp & Horace Parlan - Trouble In Mind (1980)

Seamus Blake - The Bloomdaddies

Ron Carter-All Blues (1973)

The Vandermark 5 - Simpatico (1998)

Duck Baker - Spinning Song (1995)

Sphere – Four for All (1987)

Affinity - This Is Our Lunch (1996)

Affinity - Affinity Plays Nine Modern Jazz Classics

Craig Owens & The Bodo Ensemle -The Seven Martyrs Of Tehran

Tim Berne - Sanctified Dreams

Ricky Ford - Furure Gold (1983)

The Herbie Nichols Project - Love Is Proximity (1995-6)

Jesse Davis - First Insight (1998)

Tibetan Dixie with Arthur Blythe - Ya-it-ma-Thang

Neil Podgurski's New Fire - Revolutions

Frank Lowe - Bodies and Soul (1995)

Reid Anderson - The Vastness Of Space (2000)

Chico Freeman - Tradition in Transition (1982)

Steve Lacy + 16 - Itinerary

Steve Lacy Sextet - RCA Novus Recordings (1988-1992)

Don Pullen - Milano Strut (1978)

Bert Wilson and Rebirth - Further Adventures in Jazz

Bert Wilson - Live at the Zoo

The Mandala Octet - La Spada Di San Galgano

Geri Allen - In The Year Of The Dragon (1989)

Frank Walton - Reality

Gerry Hemingway Quintet - Perfect World (1995)

Whit Dickey Quartet - Coalescence (2004)

John Lindberg Quintet - Dimension 5 (1981)

Affinity - A Tribute To Eric Dolphy (1996)

Fred Hersch, Michael Moore, Gerry Hemingway - Thirteen Ways (1995)

Jerry Granelli - Another Place (1992)

Brown Quartet - Illuminate (1993)

Rob Brown - Youniverse (1992)

Rich Halley - Live at Beanbenders (1999)

Ted Curson - Tears For Dolphy (1964)

Sachi Hayasaka & Stir Up - 2.26

Frequency (Nichole Mitchell, Ed Wilkerson Jr., Harrison Bankhead, Avreeayl Ra)

The Herbie Nichols Project - Strange City (2001)

George Schuller - Lookin' Up From Down Below

George Schuller - Hellbent

Peter O'Mara - Avenue U (1990)

Lindsey Horner - Mercy Angel (1994)

Whit Dickey - Big Top (1999)

Rob Brown Trio - High Wire

Franklin Kiermyer - In The House Of My Fathers

Rich Halley – Saxophone Animals (1991)

Kenny Wheeler-Sonny Greenwich Quintet - Kenny and Sonny Live at the Montreal Bistro (1997)

Bob Brookmeyer New Art Orchestra - New Works (Celebration) (1997)

Damon Short - All Of The Above

Talib Kibwe-James Weidman - Taja - A Night At Birdland

Dave Bryant - The Eternal Hang:

Raphe Malik - The Short Form (1996)

Figure 8 (Rova x 4) - Pipe Dreams (1994)

Glenn Spearman's G-Force - Let It Go

George Russell's New York Band - Live In An American Time Spiral (1983)

NAM - Actual Proof (1999)

Anthony Braxton / Rova Saxophone Quartet ‎– The Aggregate

Marty Ehrlich - The Long View

Marty Ehrlich - Malinke's Dance (1999)

James Newton - The Mystery School (1979)

James Newton - Luella (1983)

Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls - vs. the forces of evil

Gebhard Ullmann - Big Band Project (2001)

Creative Music Studio - Woodstock Jazz Festival 1

Karl Berger - With Silence (1972)

Kenny Drew Jr. - Third Phase (1989)

Kenny Drew Jr. - Winter Flower (1998)

Creative Music Studio - Woodstock Jazz Festival 2

Ned Rothenberg - Power Lines

David Friedman - Of The Wind's Eye (1981) & Shades Of Change (1986)

Sphere - Sphere (1997)







Wednesday, January 4, 2017

FLat Earth Society - Live At The Beursschouwburg 1999

01. Twilight In Turkey
02. Mambo Nr 1  
03. Come On A My House  
04. Kiss The Pillow  
05. Prepare For First Landing On Klinton  
06. Daybreak Express  
07. Kiss Of Fire  
08. The Fable Of Mable

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mingus Dynasty - The Next Generation Performs Charles Mingus (1991)

Bass – Ray Drummond
Drums – Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Victor Lewis
Flute, Tenor Saxophone – Craig Handy
Piano – Benny Green, John Hicks
Piccolo Flute, Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Alex Foster
Tenor Saxophone – George Adams
Trumpet – Jack Walrath
Vocals – Charles Mingus, Eric Mingus

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tommy Flanagan 3 – Montreux '77 {LP - Pablo Live}

Bass – Keter Betts
Drums – Bobby Durham
Piano – Tommy Flanagan

Side A:
A1. Barbados 10:11
A2. Medley: Some Other Spring / Easy Living 8:31

Side B:
B1. Medley: Star Crossed Lovers / Jump For Joy 6:58
B2. Woody'n You 5:42
B3. Blue Bossa 8:09

Recorded July 13th 1977 in Montreux.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Al Foster Quartet - Love, Peace and Jazz!

Al Foster (Drums)
Kevin Hays (Piano)
Deuglas Weiss (Bass)
Eli Degibri (Tenor sax, Soprano sax)

1. The Chief  10:35
2. ESP  11:35
3. Blue In Green 14:14
4. Peter's Mood  10:51
5. Brandyn  13:44
6. Fungii Mama  8:27

Recorded: April 27-28,2007, NY, Live At The Village Vanguard.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Gary Bartz - Soprano Stories (2005)

Gary Bartz - Saxophones
James King - Bass
Greg Bandy - Drums
George Cables - Piano
John Hicks - Piano

1. Soprano Story
2. When Your Lover Has Gone
3. The Touch Of Your Lips
4. Coming Back
5. I Get Along Without You Very Well
6. I Wish I Knew
7. Smile
8. Concierto De Aranjuez/My Ship
9. Nobody Else But Me