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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Links' Re Up...

If you have any requests for new links for "Front Page" posts , please leave a comment here or at the original post and will try to oblige.

Note: Anonymous and ungracious Requests will be ignored!

Following  the latest list of posts re_up:

Jim Hobbs Fully Celebrated Orchestra - Peace & Pig Grease (1993)

Dennis Gonzalez - A Matter of Blood

Dennis Gonzales - Renegade Spirits (2008)

Mama Quartetto - Mama Quartetto

William Hooker - Mindfulness (1996)

 Joe McPhee, Lisle Ellis, Paul Plimley - Sweet Freedom Joe- Now What

Joe McPhee & Jerome Bourdellon - Manhattan Tango

Andrew Cyrille Quintet - My Friend Louis

Billy Hart - Enchance

Buddy Collette - Flute Talk (1988)

Shelly Manne - Boss Sounds! (1966)

Dorothy Donegan - I Just Want to Sing

The Afro-Semitic Experience - Plea For Peace

John Blake - Maiden Dance (1984) {LP}

Franz Koglmann - Make Believe

Albert Beger, Hamid Drake, William Parker - Evolving Silence

Ed Schuller - To Know Where One

Ornette Coleman & Joachim Kuhn - Colors - Live From Leipzig

Andy Laster - Interpretations Of Lessness

Andy Laster - Window Silver Bright

Franklin Kiermyer - In The House Of My Fathers

Mal Waldron - One Entrance, Many Exits (1982)

Marty Ehrlich - Side By Side (1991)

Marty Ehrlich - New York Child (1995)

Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble - Jo'burg Jump

Ernest Dawkins New Horizons Ensemble - South Side Street Songs

Ernest Dawkins New Horizons Ensemble - Chicago Now vol.1

Ernest Dawkins New Horizons Ensemble - Chicago Now vol.2

New Horizons Ensemble - After The Dawn Has Risen - Live At Lverkusener Jazztage

Ernest Dawkins' New Horizon Ensemble - The Messenger

Anthony Braxton & Mario Pavone Quintet - Seven Standards 1995

Actis Dato Quartet - Ginosa Jungle Live

James Newton - The African Flower (1985)

Chris Fagan - Lost Bohemia

Muhal Richard Abrams - View From Within (1984) {LP}

The Mary Lou Williams Collective- Zodiac Suite Revisited

Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet (2000)

Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet - The Year of the Elephant (2002)

Oliver Lake Steel Quartet - Kinda' Up

Oliver Lake Big Band - Cloth

Trio 3 - Live in Willisau

James Emery - Standing On A Whale Fishing For Minnows

Tim Berne - Fulton Street Maul

Woody Shaw_Solid {compilation}

Larry Willis - Sanctuary

Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble - Flood At The Ant Farm

Whit Dickey - Big Top

John Clark - I Will

Chico Freeman - Lord Reef And Me (1987)

Chico Freman - Peaceful Heart, Gentle Mind (1980)

Jerry Bergonzi Quartet - Tilt! (1990)

Franco D'Andrea Trio – Chromatic Phrygian

A. Spence Barefield - After The End (1987)

Chico Freeman - Chico (1977)

Chico Freeman - Focus (1994)

Chico Freeman & Arthur Blythe - Luminous (1989)

Arthur Blythe - Night Song

Stefon Harris - Black Action Figure (1999)

Billy Harper - Soran-Bushi, B.H (1977)

Billy Harper Quintet – The Awakening (1979)

Billy Harper - If Our Hearts Could Only See (1997)

Frank Lowe_Billy Bang - One For Jazz

Shorter Alan - Orgasm (1968)

Art Davis - Life (1985)

Dewey Redman & Ed Blackwell - Red & Black in Willisau (1980) {LP}

Malachi Thompson - 47th Street

Horace Silver - Re-Entry

John Lindberg Ensemble - The Catbird Sings (1999)

World Saxophone Quartet - Live At Brooklyn Academy Of Music (1985) {lp}

Buell Neidlinger - Rear View Mirror

Jimmy Raney & Doug Raney - Nardis (1983)

Claudio Fasoli - Cities (1993)

Malachi Thompson - Freebop Now!

Eric Watson - Punk Circus (1994)

Ralph Peterson - Ornettology (1990)

Eric Watson Trio - The Fool School

John Lindberg - Quartet Afterstorm (1994)

Mark Dresser - Eye'll Be Seeing You (1997)

Nexus - We Still Have Vision

Nexus - The Preacher and the Ghost

Doug Raney - Guitar Guitar Guitar

Ted Curson - Urge

Andy McKee and Next - Sound Roots

Steven Bernstein - Diaspora Hollywood (2004)

Cees Slinger - Slingshot! (1985)

Joe Maneri - Paniots Nine

John Law Quartet - Exploded On Impact

Other Dimensions in Music - Other Dimensions in Music (1989)

Simone Guiducci - Django's Jungle

Santi Debriano - Obeah

What We Live - Quintet for a Day

What We Live with Wadada Leo Smith & Dave Douglas - Trumpets

New & Used - Souvenir

Mary Lou Williams - My Mama Pinned A Rose On Me

Milt Jackson - The Prophet Speaks (1993)

New And Used - Consensus

Charlie Mingus – Mingus & Duke {LP}

Ted Nash Quartet - Out Of This World

Ted Nash - Rhyme & Reason

Owen Howard - Pentagon

Owen Howard - Sojourn

Jill McManus - Symbols Of Hopi (1983)

Bobby Watson & Curtis Lundy - Beatitudes (1983)

Marshall Allen - Mark -n- Marshall, Monday (1998)

Allen Marshall Quartet - Mark n Marshall - Tuesday (1998)

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Dance With The Ancestors (1993)

Lee Shaw Trio - Essence (1996)

Glemm Speatman & Dominic Duval - Working with the Elements

Glenn Spearman Double Trio - The Fields (1994)

Odean Pope Trio - Ninety-Six

Sunny Murray - 13# Steps on Glass

Jeb Bishop Trio_Quartet - Afternoons (2000)

Steve Lacy meets the Riccardo Fassy trio - Dummy (2001)

Keefe Jackson's Project Project - Just Like This

GoldSparkle Trio & Ken Vandermark - Brooklyn Cantos (2002)

GoldSparkle Band - Earthmover (1995)

Steve Lacy Octet - Vespers

Toshiko Mariano Quartet Live At Birdland

Open Loose - Come Ahead Back

Mark Helias - Attack The Future (1992)

Michael Moore Trio - Chicoutimi (1993)

Misako Kano Quartet - Watch Out (1998)

Misako Kano - Breakthrew (1996)

Chris Dahlgren - Slow Commotion (1996)

George Coleman - Manhattan Panorama (1985)

Peter Epstein (1999) - Staring At The Sun

Jane Ira Bloom - Mighty Lights (1982)

Bennie Wallace with Yosuke Yamashita - Brilliant Corners

The Griffith Park Collection Vol.2

Rahn Burton Trio - The Poem (1992)

Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra - In, Thru and Out (2001)

Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra - Celebration of the Spirit (2003)

Jon Lloyd Quartet - Head! (1993)

Hugh Ragin - Revelation

D.D. Jackson - Paired Down, Volume 1 & 2

Gordon Frank - Clarion Echoes (1985)

Wilber Morris, David Murray, Dennis Charles - Wilber Force (1983)

Oliver Lake - Otherside

Bill Mays Quintet - Tha's Delights (1983)

8 Bold Souls - 8 Bold Souls (1986)

Steve Coleman - Motherland Pulse (1985) {LP}

Steve Lacy & Steve Potts - Flim-Flam

Ballin' the Jack - Jungle

Ethan Iverson Trio - Deconstruction Zone

Chico Freeman Quintet featuring Arthur Blythe - The Unspoken Word (1993)

Tomasz Stanko - Music For K (1970)

James Finn Trio - Plaza De Toros (2005)

Marcin Oles - Ornette On Bass (2003)

Gianluigi Trovesi Octet - Les Hommes Armés

Italian Instabile Orchestra - Live in Noci and Rive de Gier

Perry Robinson - A to Z:

Lou Grassi Po Band - ComPOsed (2002)

The Ocotber Revolution {Rashid Ali, Joe McPhee, Borah Bergman, Myra Melford Trio}

Allen Lowe and Orchestra X - New Tango '92 After Astor Piazzolla

Jerry Granelli - A Song I Thought I Heard Buddy Sing

Paul Bley & Jon Ballantyne - A Musing

Stephan Oliva-Bruno Chevillon-Paul Motian - Fantasm

David Liebman and Ellery Eskelin - Different But The Same (1994)

Bobby Shew - Breakfast Wine (1983)

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

John Stubblefield - Morning Song (1993)

John Stubblefield - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
George Cables - piano
Clint Houston - bass
Victor Lewis - drums.

01. Blues for the Moment (Stubblefield) - 5:07
02. King of Hearts (Stubblefield) - 6:29
03. So What (Davis) - 6:27
04. Morning Song (Cables) - 6:35
05. Blue Moon (Rodgers-Hart) - 4:45
06. A Night in Lisbon (Stubblefield) - 4:58
07. The Shaw of Newark (Lewis) - 8:12
08. In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington-Kurtz-Mills) - 4:07
09. Slick Stud & Sweet Thang (Tucker) - 4:59
10. Here and There (Stubblefield) - 7:02
11. Here's One (Trad.) - 3:27.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Nathan Davis – Makatuka (1970)

Nathan Davis: Tenor-Sax
Donald Depaolis: Piano (Electric)
Nelson Harrison: Trombone
Roger Humphries: Drums
Joe Kennedy III: Piano
Mike Taylor:     Bass
Virgil Walters:  Bass (Electric)

1. Makatuka 8:23
2. To Ursula With Love 7:57
3. Slave March 5:19
4. Extra Sensory Perfection 8:35
5. I Want To Be Free 3:14
6. Ladies Lib 5:41

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The John Carter Octet - Dauwhe (1982)

John Carter - cl
Bobby Bradford -cornet
Red Callender - tuba
James Newton - fl
Charles Owens - ss, oboe, cl
Roberto Miranda - bs
William Jeffrey - ds
Luis Peralta - waterphone, perc

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Noah Howard Quartet (1964)

In this pivotal recording in the development of early avant garde jazz, Howard proves himself as an innovator who boldly goes where Ornette Coleman, Marion Brown, or Frank Wright did not fear to tread. His alto saxophone sound and ideas clearly mirror Coleman, reaching for upper atmospheric, warp signatures, and also playing warm lyrical phrases. This is a free-bop excursion with raw trumpeter Ric Colbeck, well-regarded but undermixed bassist Scotty Holt, and unheralded drummer Dave Grant. Four pieces comprise this disc totaling just under 30 minutes, with no alternate takes or previously unissued material tacked on. "Henry's Street" (perhaps for Henry Grimes) starts with a repeated four-note phrase which merges to free-bopping lines with Grant swinging hard. This is where Howard's sound can be favorably compared to that of Coleman, as he uses clipped phrasings and upper register sonic blasts. A hefty, audible bass solo from Holt and cavalry military quotes from alto and trumpet conclude this ear opener. "Apotheosis" and "Apotheosis, Extension I" are quite dissimilar. The former is reminiscent of Coleman/Don Cherry approximate themes in a solemn, soulful unison tack leading into impressive interplay between the horns; the latter is a free, bluesy statement followed by soulfelt blowing and highly intense squawking. "And About Love" is lighter with its loose, compact, and fragmented associations. Grant's drumming is more urgent underneath the surface while Howard and Colbeck play sweet and sour segments leading to a free ending which is simultaneously raw, rambunctious, and highly concentrated in melody. Over the years Howard has become a tragically neglected figure, but remains a European-based icon who still records and occasionally visits the States. This is his debut recording, and a stark reminder of how he was in on the ground floor of this progressive movement. Michael G. Nastos ~ AMG

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