Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Papa's Bounce (1998)

1.  Papa's Bounce     14:32
2.  Dance'm     6:10
3.  Song Of My Self     10:01
4.  Blue Rwanda     11:08
5.  Spirit Dancer     10:14
6.  Indestructible Consciousness     8:58
7.  Sunshine Serenade     9:21

Kahil El'Zabar: Drums, Voice, Kalimba [Thumb Piano];
Ernest Dawkins: Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Percussion;
Joseph Bowie: Trombone, Percussion, Voice;
Harold Murray: Percussion, Flute [Vaccine].

Recorded 16,17 February 1998 at The Spirit Room, NY.

{a contribution by AGABEN}


  1. Thanks again to AGA and Uri . . . these EHE recordings are a fine listen!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you, Uri! I will seek "Welcome", and if I find it, I will sent to you too.
    And Papa's Bounce - excellent album! (as all CIMPs!)

  3. Thank you for all The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble uploads. These albums are new to me. I listened to two of the albums already and the music is simply beautiful.

  4. New Link -

    The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Papa's Bounce: