Sunday, May 22, 2016

Charles Mingus ‎– My Favorite Quintet (1965) {LP - Fantasy JWS 5}

Alto Saxophone – Charles McPherson
Bass – Charles Mingus
Drums – Dannie Richmond
Piano – Jaki Byard
Trumpet – Lonnie Hillyer

Side A:
A1. So Long Eric  19:40
A2. Medley: She´s Funny That Way  2:00

Sibe B:
B1. Medley: (Con´t) Embraceable You 5:00
                        I Can´t Get Started  5:00
               Ghost Of A Chance  2:00
B2.     Old Portrait  2:10
B3. Cocktails For Two  8:00


  1. This is one of my old records that is in a pretty bad shape sound wise. I ripped it unedited and then asked Vitko ("Different Perspectives In My Room") to help me out with the sound problem.
    Vitko obliged and did a masterful job to improve the overall sound quality of this record.
    So many thanks to Vitko.

    Charles Mingus ‎– My Favorite Quintet (1965) {LP - Fantasy JWS 5}:

  2. Uri, Vitko - many thanks! Excellent job!

  3. Unknown to me ! Thanks Uri.

  4. I have this on vinyl too (wish i could rip vinyl) and am stunned its never been on CD. So thank to both you and Vitko!

  5. new to me! This sounds great so far. Thank you Uri, and well done Vitko!

  6. Thank you very much, Uri and Vitko!

  7. Thanks Uri and Vitko! Excellent music!
    I think this LP may be find on CD6 of Charles Mingus – The Jazz Workshop Concerts 1964-65 (MOSAIC MD6-253)$119.00&copies=7%20CDs

    1. Yes, bill - found that out, too. And there's much more music from that particular concert, too - and soundwise it's better. Thanks anyway for the effort, Uri + Vitko.