Monday, May 30, 2016

Prima Materia - Peace on Earth (music of John Coltrane)

Most tributes to John Coltrane focus either on his "sheets of sound" work of the late '50s or his early Impulse recordings. For this spirited outing, the emphasis is on Trane circa 1965, the year his music began emphasizing atonality. With Coltrane's last drummer Rashied Ali and the basses of William Parker (best known for his association with Cecil Taylor) and Joe Gallant playing at their most creative, the rhythm section certainly keeps the music stimulating. Louie Belogenis (on tenor) and Allan Chase (doubling on soprano and alto) have plenty of intense but not forbidding solos, showing that they have learned from Coltrane's innovations but avoiding mere imitation and not feeling compelled to blow the roof off the entire time. Actually the most exciting soloist, altoist John Zorn, is only on two of the five selections, but he makes a strong impression. Other than the eight-minute ballad "Alabama," the other four Coltrane compositions ("Spiritual," "Peace on Earth," "Brazilia" and "India") are each given very lengthy treatment, between 16-19 minutes apiece. The fact that this exciting set continually holds on to one's interest is evidence of how compelling the music is, making this a recommended release for listeners who are open to post-bop sounds. Scott Yanow ~ AMG

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  1. Prima Materia - Peace On Earth:

  2. Many thanks, Allan. I have only 'Bells', also at Knitting Factory Works, but the line-up is other, and music... too

    1. I have Meditation too and we will get that up.

  3. Many thanks from Spain! A nice tribute.