Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Marco Eneidi (1956-2016) R.I.P. : 5 Albums {re-ups}

Marco Eneidi - Marco Eneidi Coalition (1991)

Marco Eneidi Quintet - Final Disconnect Notice (1994)

Marco Eneidi_Glen Spearman - Creative Music Orchestra (1995)

Marco Eneidi and the American Jungle Orchestra  (1996)

Eneidi Marco - Cherry Box (1998)


  1. Bless his soul , as with his greatest foil Spearman , gone but not forgotten......
    heres live at Radio Valencia, 2000 on Botticelli

    1. Many thanks sotise for the radio show recording.

  2. What a loss, so young... Great works. Thanks for the re-ups!

  3. Thanks for re-upping these. Marco was a friend, and I had just helped arrange a gig for him here in NY to be held at the end of June, with Joe Morris & Luther Gray. Marco was out of the states for most of the time these days, so we were excited to be able to get something going for him here.

    He was on a mini-tour, first in Austria and then the SF Bay area and what would have been New Haven & NY. Even though suffering from liver cancer he hadn't been speaking at all of being ill and was psyched to be playing in the states again, as he had been living in Mexico. Add another to the list of people I'll think about every single day...he joins Raphe on the same list.

  4. Forgot to mention that the gig will still happen, as a kind of tribute, with Joe McPhee in place of Marco. Should be a great, but bittersweet, night.