Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Muhul Richard Abrams Orchestra - Blu Blu Blu (1990)

01. Plus Equal Minus Balance  
02. Cycles Five  
03. Bloodline  
04. Septone  
05. Blu Blu Blu  
06. Petsrof  
07. One for the Whistler  
08. Stretch Time

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  1. Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra - Blu Blu Blu:

  2. Thanks a lot Agmosk. Great to have these Black Saint sessions and specially Abrams orchestra.

  3. Thank you, agmosk! The title cut Blu Blu Blu is incredible. It shows he has his roots in the bluz.

    FYI, Abrams has an informative website,, with interviews and music video clips.

    If you browse to the Discography section, almost all the items have a link for purchasing the music. For example, for Blu Blu Blu, you end up at the CAM JAZZ web site which has links for downloading WAV files or linking to Amazon's Disc-on Demand.