Friday, August 5, 2016

Clusone 3 - Love Henry (1996)


  1. Clusone Trio - Love Henry (1996):

  2. This is a outstanding trio, and any one of their few recordings deserves to be heard!

    Side note: what I learned just a few weeks ago is that the Clusone 3 was initially the Clusone Quartet featuring pianist Guus Janssen - there's one track included on Janssen's new CD "Meeting Point" (Bimhuis, #BIM 010), a recording from January 1, 1989, "Rondo", first rec. by Maarten Altena's octet in 1987.

    Kevin Whitehead writes in the liner notes:

    "Put together for a 1988 Italian festival, it became the celebrated Moore/Ernst Reijseger/Han Bennink Clusone 3 when its pianist dropped out. (Too many projects, too little time.)"

    For what I know - the egos of those 3 clashed at the end, but we still have 6 extraordinairy albums to listen to!