Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Inner City Jazz Workshop - Inner City Dancing (1995)

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  2. I think I'll join you dogon. This is one of the thing I love about this place; the opportunity to check out and learn about performers I'd probably never get the chance to otherwise. Thanks agmosk and to all who share so freely here.

    1. Scraps, it won't hurt if you'll be a bit gracious and post a simple thanks each time you request are fulfill.

    2. I'm sorry, Uri, I didn't know that my requests recently has fulfilled. Really! Why this email from you I got, and the other ones (apparently) I didn't get -- maybe my email spammed it.

      I'm usually very good about thanking. I'm very sad that you think now I'm rude. :-(

      I will not ask again.

    3. (I think it wasn't my email spamming your email; I think I didn't check "Notify me" for the first two or three requests. I was gone for several months -- a year ago I broke my hip, and only recently I came back -- and basic things like "Notify me" sometimes escape me [eight years ago I suffered a severe stroke, and my thought process still suffered]. Again, I'm sorry. I'm mortified.)

    4. Maybe I shouldn't mention it.
      When you make a request for link re-up check the post24 hours later, it should be up by then.
      If you have further requests, do not stop requesting.

    5. I forgot that you are so prompt on fulfilling requests, Uri. I will remember now.

      Thank you.

  3. New Link -

    The Inner City Jazz Workshop - Inside Dancing Only: