Sunday, May 28, 2017

R & C Forum#50: April (Part 2) 2017

Here's your place to post your request and contributions.

Shares are more than welcome.


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3. Please don't request or share brand new releases here. There are plenty of horrid sites out there like IsraBox and Plixid that are doing that. Contrary to what the occasional troll may say, we're not here to rip anyone off.
4.  Do not request or share albums that have been posted on the front page of the blog.
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5.  If you have a request for links re-up that you've seen in previous forums, please post your request in the current forum and not at the original one otherwise the chances that people will see your requests are slim.
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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Links' Re Up...

If you have any requests for new links for "Front Page" posts , please leave a comment here or at the original post and will try to oblige.

Note: Anonymous' Requests will be ignored!

Following  the latest list of posts re_up:

Jill McManus - Symbols Of Hopi (1983)

Bobby Watson & Curtis Lundy - Beatitudes (1983)

Marshall Allen - Mark -n- Marshall, Monday (1998)

Allen Marshall Quartet - Mark n Marshall - Tuesday (1998)

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Dance With The Ancestors (1993)

Lee Shaw Trio - Essence (1996)

Glemm Speatman & Dominic Duval - Working with the Elements

Glenn Spearman Double Trio - The Fields (1994)

Odean Pope Trio - Ninety-Six

Sunny Murray - 13# Steps on Glass

Jeb Bishop Trio_Quartet - Afternoons (2000)

Steve Lacy meets the Riccardo Fassy trio - Dummy (2001)

Keefe Jackson's Project Project - Just Like This

GoldSparkle Trio & Ken Vandermark - Brooklyn Cantos (2002)

GoldSparkle Band - Earthmover (1995)

Steve Lacy Octet - Vespers

Toshiko Mariano Quartet Live At Birdland

Open Loose - Come Ahead Back

Mark Helias - Attack The Future (1992)

Michael Moore Trio - Chicoutimi (1993)

Misako Kano Quartet - Watch Out (1998)

Misako Kano - Breakthrew (1996)

Chris Dahlgren - Slow Commotion (1996)

George Coleman - Manhattan Panorama (1985)

Peter Epstein (1999) - Staring At The Sun

Jane Ira Bloom - Mighty Lights (1982)

Bennie Wallace with Yosuke Yamashita - Brilliant Corners

The Griffith Park Collection Vol.2

Rahn Burton Trio - The Poem (1992)

Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra - In, Thru and Out (2001)

Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra - Celebration of the Spirit (2003)

Jon Lloyd Quartet - Head! (1993)

Hugh Ragin - Revelation

D.D. Jackson - Paired Down, Volume 1 & 2

Gordon Frank - Clarion Echoes (1985)

Wilber Morris, David Murray, Dennis Charles - Wilber Force (1983)

Oliver Lake - Otherside

Bill Mays Quintet - Tha's Delights (1983)

8 Bold Souls - 8 Bold Souls (1986)

Steve Coleman - Motherland Pulse (1985) {LP}

Steve Lacy & Steve Potts - Flim-Flam

Ballin' the Jack - Jungle

Ethan Iverson Trio - Deconstruction Zone

Chico Freeman Quintet featuring Arthur Blythe - The Unspoken Word (1993)

Tomasz Stanko - Music For K (1970)

James Finn Trio - Plaza De Toros (2005)

Marcin Oles - Ornette On Bass (2003)

Gianluigi Trovesi Octet - Les Hommes Armés

Italian Instabile Orchestra - Live in Noci and Rive de Gier

Perry Robinson - A to Z:

Lou Grassi Po Band - ComPOsed (2002)

The Ocotber Revolution {Rashid Ali, Joe McPhee, Borah Bergman, Myra Melford Trio}

Allen Lowe and Orchestra X - New Tango '92 After Astor Piazzolla

Jerry Granelli - A Song I Thought I Heard Buddy Sing

Paul Bley & Jon Ballantyne - A Musing

Stephan Oliva-Bruno Chevillon-Paul Motian - Fantasm

David Liebman and Ellery Eskelin - Different But The Same (1994)

Bobby Shew - Breakfast Wine (1983)

Striped Roses - +

George Lewis - Homage To Charles Parker (1979)

The Henry Threadgill Sextet - Just the Facts and Pass the Bucket (1983)

Henry Threadgill Sextett - You Know The Number (1986)

Frank Lowe and the Saxemble - Inappropriate Choices

Paul Bley Trio - Emerald Blue (1994)

Allen Lowe - Roswell Rudd - Woyzeck's Death

Rich Halley - Umatilla Variations

Patrick Zimmerli - Twelve Sacred Dances (1996)

Paul Bley - Florida

Paul Bley - Boxing Day

Michael Marcus - Here At! (1994)

Andreas Willers Octet - The Ground Music

Bitter Funeral Beer Band - Live in Frankfurt 82

Gerry Hemingway - Special Detail (1990)

Gerry Hemingway Quartet - Down To The Wire (1991)

Gerry Hemingway Quintet - Demon Chaser (1993)

Wilber Morris Trio ‎– Collective Improvisations

Horace Tapscott - The Tapscott Sessions Vol. 8

Anthony Davis James Newton Quartet - Hidden Voices

Misha Mengelberg - Senne Sing Song 

Ed Blackwell Trio - Walls-Bridges

Max Roach - Pictures In A Frame (1979)

Sonny Stitt - Live at Bubba's (1981)

Max Roach - Chattahoochee Red (1981)

Saxemble - Saxemble

Horace Tapscott - The Tapscott Sessions Vol. 4

Frank Gratkowski Trio - The Flume Factor

Frank Gratowski Quartet - Kollaps

Ralph Peterson - Triangular 2

Omer Avital - Room To Grow

David Weiss - The Mirror

Cecil Brooks III - The Collective (1989)

Jumala Quintet (Joe McPhee, Paul Flaherty) - Turtle Crossing (2005)

Curtis Fuller - Blues-Ette part 2 (1993)

Jerry Granelli - Enter, A Dragon

School Days - In Our Times (2001)

School Days - Crossing Division (2000)

Free Fall - Furnace (2002)

Lawrence Azar - Legacy and Music of John Coltrane

Steve Nelson - Communications (1987)

Misha Mengelberg Kwartet - Driekusman Total Loss (1964-66)

The Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Country Preacher (1969)

Rashied Ali-Louie Belogenis-Wilber Morris - Live at Tonic (2001)

Miles Okazaki - Mirror (2007)

The Respect Sextet - The Full Respect

The Respect Sextet - Respect in You

Kim Richmond - Looking In Looking Out

Betty Carter - The Audience With Betty Carter

Dave Douglas - In Our Lifetime (1995)

Marty Ehrlich Quartet - The Traveller's Tale (1989)

The American Jazz Quintet - From Bad To Badder

George Cables - Phantom Of The City (1985)

Ray Anderson, Mark Helias, Gerry Hemingway - Oahspe (1978)

Joe Bonner Quartet - Suite For Chocolate (1985)

John Tchicai & Archie Shepp - Rufus (1963)

Dollar Brand - Live At Montreux (1980)

Jane Ira Bloom - Modern Drama

Herbert Peter - B-A-C-H A Chromatic Universe (2001)

Marion Brown - November Cotton Flower (1979)

Betty Carter - Feed The Fire (1993)

Archie Shepp & Horace Parlan - Trouble In Mind (1980)

Seamus Blake - The Bloomdaddies

Ron Carter-All Blues (1973)

The Vandermark 5 - Simpatico (1998)

Duck Baker - Spinning Song (1995)

Sphere – Four for All (1987)

Affinity - This Is Our Lunch (1996)

Affinity - Affinity Plays Nine Modern Jazz Classics

Craig Owens & The Bodo Ensemle -The Seven Martyrs Of Tehran

Tim Berne - Sanctified Dreams

Ricky Ford - Furure Gold (1983)

The Herbie Nichols Project - Love Is Proximity (1995-6)

Jesse Davis - First Insight (1998)

Tibetan Dixie with Arthur Blythe - Ya-it-ma-Thang

Neil Podgurski's New Fire - Revolutions

Frank Lowe - Bodies and Soul (1995)