Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jessica Williams

"Five years ago I had a serious back fusion operation, after 55 years of playing piano. I was financially devastated and lost my piano, too. Please donate to help with rent, food, shelter, and hopefully a piano if you can, or buy a few of my CDs. I get no money for my music from other Internet sites. Thank you all so very much. — Jessica, July 15th, 2017"

Please visit her site and do the right thing!:


  1. that's sad. we all know that jazz performers don't make a huge living unless they sell out, but still..

  2. shocking to hear this. Hopefully many other readers will also do the right thing supporting this wonderful artist. Curious, wich other blog owners will publish her call ...

  3. On the way.... I've always enjoyed her playing.

  4. Done, twice over, got to email with Jessica too. Lucky me. You?